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“We had some time before our Broadway show, and we decided to try the New York Boradway Tour – and it was awesome! More fun, personal, and inspiring than a typical tour. My daughter is an aspiring performer and loved learning lots of “insider” details about the theatres and performers. We had such a great time and also a lot of laughs. We recommend this tour without hesitation. My daughter came home energized about her performing arts aspirations.” – Dan Dulleba (TripAdvisor)

“Thanks again for a very interesting tour! We can’t wait to be back in New York city and see another Broadway show!” – Joannie Tardif

“I searched around for a Broadway tour because I basically came to NYC for the theater and I figured it would be a good investment! Amada, the tour guide, is wonderful and so sweet. She has the same enthusiasm as I do about theatre! In saying that, I did find that I knew a lot about what she was teaching us about already. For the average NYC tourist, this would be a perfect tour about the basics of NYC theatre!! The tour is a good length, though it did go about 20 minutes longer than expected, and Amada takes you on a route that somehow avoids most of the hectic crowds so kudos to her! Do keep in mind that you do not go into any theaters, but you do get to see plenty of them. Go support this new business and the wonderful Amada!” – Maddie O

“My mom and I had a great time!” – Shannon Hearns

“Amada Anderson was a fab tour guide and really went out of her way to show me the sites and tell me stories about Broadway there is somebody who loves her job. Amada really did inspire me. well worth the money and I would pay more for this tour.” – Carlotta Rose

“Amada is an excellent tour guide. It’s obvious that she has a passion for musical theatre and is knowledgeable about the topic as well! It was great to visit the theaters and learn the history of them along with listening to Amada sing popular Broadway songs. I definitely would recommend this tour to both seasoned Broadway viewers and newbies!” – TripAdvisor Reviewer

“Awesome tour guide, great tour!” – Janae Catt

“The tour guide is SO knowledgeable about Broadway Musicals that the tour was a sheer delight! She has a background in Musical Theatre and her knowledge is deep! The best tour I have ever done. And I have done quite a few! Forgot to mention her GREAT singing voice that you get treated to! Definitely a MUST do for locals and tourists alike!” -Priti Saldanha

“We just took Amada’s Broadway Tour. We thought it was wonderful. We did some singing, dancing, and jazz hands!” – Sarah Cimperman

“I loved it! Amada is doing a great job and she’s got a really great voice and she knows a lot about Broadway history. I really recommend it. Two thumbs up. It was fun!” – Bruno Lamarre

“We just got done taking the tour with Amada like Hakuna Matata and we had an awesome time. You get to hear Amada sing all the awesome Broadway songs and she’s got a great voice. You get to interact with other people in the street, she get’s everyone involved and it’s awesome.” – Lisa Arndt

“A friend and I took the tour on a Sunday. Amada was on time, really knows what she is talking about, provided a weatlh of information that we didn’t know (and we live here!). Interestingly enough, there were only the 2 of us so we really got to ask about everything we wanted to know! There were supposed to be others on the tour and she did wait some minutes and call/text them rather than just take off without them. I think this shows her professionalism and wanting to make sure that people weren’t left behind. She made the tour fun, despite the oppressive heat, and encourages people to have ‘jazz hands’, sing along, etc. Not to mention that she has a great voice! I recommend taking the tour- don’t think you’ll be disappointed!”– Sonia

“I love your wonderful spirit! We had a ball on our tour with you in August.” – Florence Priebe

“She’s got a fantastic voice! It was a great tour. It was very informative. We’re from Wisconsin so she showed us the ins and outs of New York City. Thank you!” – Douglas Christensen

“It was so much fun! You learn so much about Broadway and the history of New York and you learn a lot and it makes you appreciate the history of Broadway more and what people do. She gets you to sing, do jazz hands, and it was really REALLY fun. You’ll enjoy it! Defintely check it out. You have to do it. It’s totally worth it.” – Mattea Arndt

We came from Washington, DC overwhelmed with the whole Times Square experience and because my daughter loves musicals more than anything we were totally thrilled that there was a tour that focused just on the musicals and even the tour guide shared my daughters enthusiasm and excitement for the kind of things that she likes and so it made it more exciting for us to walk around and learn the history. The whole experience was very memorable, we enjoyed it. Thank you very much. -Eve Pines

It was great! We had a lot of fun especially with my little sister visiting. We got to learn a lot about history and we had fun with Jazz Hands!”-Chelsea and Emily McCullen

My husband and I really enjoyed Amada’s NY Theatre tour. She shared a plethora of knowledge, including architecture, plays and even Broadway tunes that she sang with a beautiful voice. I would recommend it it to tourists and locals alike. Such fun!-Lori Neste

I had a really great time. It was a really good tour. I enjoyed all of the information and the history and learning about all the theatre districts. It was very enjoyful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about musical theatre in New York. It was great!”-William Rakes

Amada is a wonderful guide. Our group of three 60 year olds and my 85 year old mother, all from South Louisiana, had to cut the tour short because of the cold weather, but we thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the tour. I will definitely sign up for one of Amada’s tours next time I’m in NYC. She is a great teacher, singer and leader!-Beth Hebert

The New York Broadway tours was amazing. It was very informative. I was surprised with what was happening with the shows, the history, the background, the theatre, the locations, the ghost stories, it was really good and really fun and I would recommend it to anyone who is visiting New York to come by”-Riqi Velez

Amada did a great job. She’s got great spirit! You have wonderful interesting facts that you don’t normally find easily around the city and it’s really fun to see New York from a different side. It’s really cool!”-Jeff Block

“I had a really good time. I recently just relocated back to New York back in November so this is a great experience for me to kinda learn where things are and the history of the theatres. I am definitely going to come back to this area and check out all the shows. So thank you!” -Modesto Silva

“If you’re coming into New York and you want to get a real backstage tour of what it’s like to know about Broadway and it’s true organic-ness and it’s history then you should take this tour. Sing your way through New York on the street! The greatest thing is that nobody even cares it’s just a lot of fun. So come and join the tour!”-Cena Block

“The whole tour in itself there’s little pieces of New York City and how it all began and where the theatre really started. I think that is the whole point of the tour. You really get a full view of where theatre came from and how it was introduced to the city and why Broadway is known as Broadway. It’s all those little facts that I think make it really fun!”-Jeremy Block

“Whether you are a musical theatre head or artist yourself this is the tour to come on! There was stuff I didn’t know and I thought I knew just about everything about the theatres in New York. So I definitely recommend it and I’ll probably do this again!” -Taye DelVal

“We had a fabulous time. We came and we found this by the luck of the draw and otherwise we would have been completely overwhelmed or not sure where to start. This was great because you gave us a little bit of everything. We got to see things we never would have seen and learned things we never would have known. I had a blast! The very best part was the singing. Hands down! More singing!”
-The Cohen Family

“It was just simply great! Amada is a funny nice guide, she knows the best on Broadway and can suggest how to spend a free time there in the best way!” -Elena Denisova

“The tour guide is very enthusiastic and the trip was great!” -Li Liu

We went on the New York Broadway Tour on July 19, 2013 with our two teens. This tour was a present for my daughter who turned 16 and her life ambition is to perform on Broadway. Amada liveliness and wonderful sense of humor made walking in over 100 degrees a lot of fun. She went out of her way to include all of us and made us feel really special. She had a wealth of knowledge about Broadway Theater history and it was interesting to hear about the ghost stories as well. She even had my son & husband singing in the streets by the end of the tour! We had a wonderful time! We wanted to personally thank Amada for all her advice on the theater business. She answered all our questions with great enthusiasm. She gave my daughter a lot of tips because Amada is an Actress in the business as well. Amada great love for theater came through in her tour and we learned a lot. Most importantly..Amada is the most honest person you will ever meet! I paid for our tour by PayPal and I forgot to tell my husband that I already paid for the tour. At the end of the tour he paid Amada again plus a tip. Amada tried to reach me on my cell all day which I left back at the hotel and she did not leave the city until she reached us to give back our tour money that we paid twice. We were really impressed! We would defiantly recommend this tour! -Samuela Iozzo

“I have always wanted to sing In His Eyes with someone- today I fulfilled that dream!” -Emily Couch

Amada the founder of New York Broadway Tours is also a paranormal expert for Ghosts of New York:

“You were such a fun tour guide. That tour is still one of my favorite memories from my trip.”-Elizabeth Ulrichs

“Amada was wonderful. She really made our group feel special and kept us happy and full of energy! The kids loved her and we had a blast. Complete with a song and the reading of The Raven. I could not have hoped for a more special night for our family. It really completed our trip and I am ever grateful to you for your help in making our trip such a grand success. I can’t wait to bring the family back to New York and perhaps do another tour! We will definitely recommend Amada to anyone of our friends traveling to New York City! Again, thank you so much!”-Thomas Camarillo

“Thank you we had a nice time and a gorgeous evening.”-Laurie Schroeder

“Wow, What a fantastic tour!!”-Betsy Houvouras

“I just got back from the ghost tour in Greenwich Village. The guide was excellent, vibrant and informative. Especially the area around the Washington Square Park was creepy. One lady was actually able to catch a ghost on her camera. She showed us the image of the shadow that was in a form of a human. I recommend this tour to all of you who are looking for a fun and excitement.”
-Olga Horvat, Author of “Paranormal Pooch”

“I took a group on the ghost tour hosted by Amada. She was fantastic, knowledgeable and effervescent! I would definitely go again. She made the entire exprience a spooky good time!”  -Frank Calo

“Thank you so much for a wonderful tour last night. Amada was great! We really enjoyed it and will be telling our friends about it.”Sabrina Conroy


Check out Amada as a tour guide for GHOSTSOFNY in this CUNY-TV’s “Study With The Best” interview with Dr. Phil & Barry Mitchell, A tour guide for the artist Gin Wigmore and VH1, as well as CNN Money at One if by land Two If By Sea.

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