BREAKING NEWS: The Award winning groundbreaking musical Dear Evan Hansen is about to celebrate it’s 1 year Anniversary on Broadway. On December 10th (which at the time will be starring Noah Galvin as “Evan”) with a FAN APPRECATION DAY performance for free.

Calling all FANSENS that want to experience this powerful show for free, all you have to do between now and November 5th, 2017 is enter the digital lottery for a chance to win free tickets to the FAN APPRECATION DAY performance.

The show’s Tony and Oscar winning composer duo Pasek and Paul took to YouTube to talk more about the special event.

This is your chance to WAVE THROUGH A WINDOW and see the powerful, emotional, and haunting musical for free.

Dear Evan Hansen Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Free Tickets

Let DEAR EVAN HANSEN appreciate you.

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