Unsure if the reviews of a Broadway show that you want to see was positive (IT’S A SMASH) or negative (IT’S A FLOP), there’s an awesome website you can figure it out right away. Check out DidHeLikeIt.com.

Basically each show reviewed has a picture of a man with 3 faces….

The happy face with thumbs up,
The average face,
or the disgusted face with thumbs down.

You can figure out right away about the critics reactions from this awesome website.

– Did He Like It?

April 6, 2017: Two of the most persuasive saleswomen New York has ever seen are peddling their wares with high style and equal determination at the Nederlander Theater, where ?War Paint? opened on Thursday night. And no, I don?t mean the subjects of this data-heavy musical, the beauty-industry magna…

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