DID YOU KNOW: The 2005 film adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s Award winning smash hit Rent was filmed in both New York City and in San Francisco.

Majority of the interior shots including scenes in the Loft, the Cat Scratch Club, and the Life Cafe – East Village was all done on a soundstage in San Francisco.

Additional scenes that were filmed exterior was all filmed in New York City’s East Village including moments in Tompkins Square Park (where Wilson Jermaine Heredia’s “Angel” and Jesse L. Martin’s “Collins” perform their romantic I’LL COVER YOU duet, as well as where majority of the characters go to search for Rosario Dawson’s “Mimi” at the end).

No word has been mentioned where will FOX’s RENT LIVE will be filmed yet.

If you want to see some of the actual locations filmed for the original movie version of RENT, join us for our INSPIRATION OF RENT Walking Tour.

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