DID YOU KNOW: Theater’s in London’s West End have a tradition called a Muck Up Mattinae .

Muck Up Mattinae happens during the final Mattinae performance of a cast member before he/she leaves the show or right before the production officially closes. This is the moment for one performance only, the actors can break the rules on stage. During the show, cast members improvise and play onstage practical jokes on one another like falling, R-Rated action, add random lines, and more.

To get a good sense of what happens, take a look at a clip from the West End company of WICKED. This muck up happened in 2012 during the first time Rachel Tucker (the show’s first Irish “Elphaba”) departed the show right before having a baby. Check out the muck up at 4:19 during the iconic climax where the Green Girl melts.

For those who have been to London’s West End, who has experienced a Muck-Up Mattinae? Favorite moments that stood out.

Rachel Tucker (Elphaba) and Gina Beck (Glinda)

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