DID YOU KNOW: When Rent was running on Broadway, the backstage alleyway of the Nederlander Theatre (to get to the main stage door) featured tons of messages / signatures from Alumni, Celebrity guests, friends, family, and fans sharing their love for the musical and the late Jonathan Larson.

About 9 months after it was announced the devastating news that Rent was going to close, fans of the show began to put their signatures and farewell messages outside the Theatre.

If you have pictures from when you saw RENT and you put your signature outside the Theatre or in the alleyway, please share.

Following it’s closing, the signatures outside the Theatre and in the backstage alleyway have been removed.

If you want to know more about RENT, be sure to come on our INSPIRATION OF RENT walking tour taking all RENTheads behind the scenes into the creation and see some of the locations that Jonathan was inspired by to create this iconic show.

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The Wall From Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway I’ve been looking for this for a long time and it’s so great so I thought I should share it with people 🙂

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