Ever imagine getting a Musical Theater star in for a class project? Check out this rare never before seen music video featuring Kerry Ellis (WICKED The Musical’s first ever British “Elphaba” in the West End and on Broadway) and created by the students of The DAVE School (a school for aspiring digital animators and visual effects people).

This is a music video of Ellis’ version of WICKED’s anthem DEFYING GRAVITY which can heard on her WICKED IN ROCK EP as well as her full Debut album ANTHEMS. It features Ellis after a stressful day breaking free and flying over New York City and London. The way they made both cities in 3D animation is excellent.

How great is this music video?!!

On October 13-14, Block 4 students finished a shoot for their DAVE School final project. The class is creating a music video for Broadway star Kerry Ellis, w…

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