Special thank you to original Jersey Boys cast member Steve Gouveia who told us the real TRUE story about the show’s infamous SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM tradition begun. The story that Peter Gregus told us on Drew Gehling’s Broadway.com vlog was false. It was a joke. The very next episode of the vlog, Steve made an appearance and said that Peter was drunk.

We heard about this tradition on this vlog and thought it was an interesting story to share on our tours when we pass the August Wilson and Neil Simon Theatre. For those who have came on our tours, we would tell the “F*** YOU BROADWAY” story and that Steve was stressed. This episode of the vlog is Peter’s version of the story….the joke version.

This is the REAL true story of the SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM. The cast would warm up with the classic NEW YORK, NEW YORK in the dressing about 5 minutes before places every Saturday night. At the end, someone would always yell out “HELLO BROADWAY”! There was no frustration story making Steve screaming “F*** YOU BROADWAY”.

Love you Steve and Peter!!

Happy Trails JERSEY BOYS!

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