SISTER ACT!!! Tony Award winner Idina Menzel is helping her younger sister Cara Mentzel gear up for the release of her new memoir VOICE LESSON which is out this week. One moment in the book talks about Idina and Cara’s experience of seeing their first Broadway show together…. Sandy Duncan as Peter Pan and how it changed their lives.

For something fun, Cara joined her older sister in the recording studio to record their first ever professional studio duet together. A rendition of the PETER PAN classic NEVER NEVER LAND.

Tissues out!!

Idina Menzel and Her Sister Cara Duet on ?Never Never Land? From Peter Pan, the Musical That ?Changed Our Lives?

?I had to listen to Dee?s voice a lot in order to find my own,? Idina Menzel?s sister Cara says of growing up alongside the Broadway star

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