In 1964, NBC and Hallmark came together to present a live televised presentation of the classic musical heart warmer THE FANTASTICKS. It has been rediscovered here on social media.

This live presentation starred…
The late and legendary Ricardo Montalb?n as El Gallo,

The comedic showstopping Bert Lahr (who we all know as the “Cowardly Lion” from The Wizard of Oz) as Hucklebee (The Boy’s Father)

Acclaimed comedic stage and screen star Stanley Holloway as Bellomy (The Girl’s Father)

Susan Watson as Luisa The Girl,

and the legendary John Davidson as Matt The Boy.

For this live presentation, the musical was abbreviated. Because of the timing, the characters of The Old Actor and Mortimer were cut. Some of their lines however still remained in the show being delivered by the two fathers (Hucklebee and Bellomy).

The Fantasticks On Broadway has been wowing audiences in our New York Theatre scene for over 57 years already. It premiered in 1960 Off Broadway at the Sullivan Street Playhouse where it ran for an astounding 42 years and 17,162 performances. Many legendary performers today got their start appearing in that original production Off Broadway including Jerry Orbach, Liza Minnelli, Kristin Chenoweth, George Lee Andrews, and much more. It returned to New York Off Broadway at The Theater Center in 2006 where it continues to play to audiences every night. The revival was supposed to close in 2015 but thanks to a fan that put a strong note and petition to the producer, the production is still playing today. It’s a NY Landmark!!!

Be sure to catch THE FANTASTICKS at The Theater Center 8 times a week next time you’re in NYC and if you come on one of our tours.

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