HE’S FREE!!! Today is a bittersweet day as Aladdin – The Musical’s Tony winning showstopper James Monroe Iglehart will POOF out of the magic lamp granting 3 final wishes for the last time today in the Broadway production.

Starting this Tuesday, February 22nd, 2017, Major Attaway will take over duties as the showstopping “Genie of the Lamp” after serving for a year as Iglehart’s standby.

For Iglehart, his schedule is NON-STOP as he gets ready to join the Broadway production of the Award winning smash hit Hamilton: An American Musical taking on the dual roles of “Marquis de Lafayette” and “Thomas Jefferson”.

Happy Trails James! WE AIN’T NEVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE YOU BEFORE and thank you for always making us smile. Cannot wait to see you go from granting wishes to being a part of THE REVOLUTION.

Break a leg to Major who is graduating from standby to fulltime “Genie”. We know you will be fantastic and take great care of the role making it your own.

James Monroe Iglehart Lays Down His Lamp at Broadway’s Aladdin

The Tony winner exits the role of Genie to join the cast of Broadway’s Hamilton.

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