Join the Broadway cast of Jersey Boys tonight for their final SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM before their final performance tomorrow.

Basically since Saturday is usually the 7th show of the week (since Broadway does 8 shows a week), the SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM is a shout off between the August Wilson Theatre and the Neil Simon Theatre where cast members open their dressing room windows and start yelling at each other. Sometimes, both shows will serenade each other’s theatres with a song.

The way the tradition all began was in the beginning of JERSEY BOYS run on Broadway. Steve Gouveia (original cast member that made his Broadway debut with the show) and Peter Gregus (who has still been playing Bob Crewe in the show since Day 1) were dressing roommates b****ing that they were exhausted doing 8 shows a week (only at the 7th show). Gregus gave Souveia (since it was his Broadway debut) advice to just scream as loud as he could if he feels stressed. And he did! Souveia opened up the window from the dressing room screaming out “F*** YOU BROADWAY!” He felt a lot better after that. He continued to do it ever since every Saturday night about 5 minutes before 5 minutes to places. One day after Gregus did his scream, the cast of Hairspray (which was playing at the Neil Simon at the time) began to start screaming things back. Ever since then, the SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM became a 52nd street tradition ever since.

With JERSEY BOYS closing tomorrow, let us hope that the company of Groundhog Day Musical (set to take over the August Wilson this Spring) and the company of the current revival of Cats the Musical will continue with the SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM tradition. As some of you may know GROUNDHOG DAY’s leading man 2 time Tony nominee Andy Karl previously performed in the August Wilson within JERSEY BOYS on Broadway as a replacement for Tommy DeVito. He can let the whole company know about it and the tradition will live on.

Who has experienced seeing the SATURDAY NIGHT SCREAM in person?

It’s Saturday Night on Broadway NYC 52nd Street Style

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