BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s haunting, romantic, and longest running show in Broadway history The Phantom of the Opera is about to celebrate it’s history making 30th Anniversary on the Great White Way on January 24th, 2018. This is the only Broadway show to have not closed or transferred to another Theater or has reached the 30th Anniversary milestone which it is still running. PHANTOM has been haunting audiences 8 times a week at the Majestic Theatre for the last 30 years. For this milestone, there is an exciting cast change coming your way.

Laird Mackintosh (who currently plays Opera manager “Mounsier Andr?”) will dawn the half white masked for a limited run this Holiday season from December 25th, 2017 (CHRISTMAS DAY) through January 13th, 2018. The show’s current masked man James Barbour will take his final bow on December 23rd, 2017. No word has been announced yet on who play the title role fulltime starting January 15th, 2018 and for the 30th Anniversary milestone performance .

Beginning tonight, acclaimed Opera stars Raquel Suarez Groen and Carlton Moe Tenor will take on the roles of the show’s Diva and Divo that you never want to mess with, “Carlotta” and “Piangi”. For both Groen and Moe, this show will mark as their Broadway debuts.

In addition starting next week November 6th, 2017, Kaley Ann Voorhees (who just wrapped up Manhattan Theatre Club’s PRINCE OF BROADWAY yesterday) will return to the Majestic Theatre once again as the alternate for the show’s female leading role “Christine Daae”. She will go on for the role twice a week.

Continuing with the production for the 30th Anniversary will be…

Ali Ewoldt as the main “Christine Daae” (playing 6 performances) which she also made history as the first Asian-American Actress to play this iconic character on Broadway,

Rodney Ingram as the handsome, heroic, and dashing “Raoul, Victome De Changy”,

Craig Bennett as opera manager “Monsieur Firmin”,

Maree Johnson (who previously played “Christine” in the Australian production) now taking on the role of the mischievous ballet mistress “Madame Giry”

and long running cast member Kara Klein as “Meg Giry”.

Can you believe we’ve been surrendering to THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT for the last 30 years here on Broadway?!!!

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