DID YOU KNOW: Broadway veteran Janine LaManna played one of the iconic supervillains of all time, the one and only Carmen Sandiego on the 1996 PBS game show WHERE IN TIME IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?

It was a spin off to the 1991 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO game show set on a time machine instead of a Detective office (as seen on WORLD). Each episode, Carmen and member of her gang of VILE villains would steal a historical item (example the Liberty Bell) and it’s up to the Time Pilots (formerly known on WORLD as gumshoes) to restore history and bring what was stolen back to the way it was.

Not only LaManna (Broadway’s The Drowsey Chaperone) appeared as Carmen, she also played some of the various historical figures that gave clues to the Time Pilots.

Some other fellow Broadway veterans appeared on the show including the late Lynne Thigpen (who appeared on both WORLD and TIME) as the Chief of ACME.

It also featured John Lathan (Broadway’s The Capeman), Alaine Kashian (Broadway’s original production of Cats the Musical), Owen Taylor (Broadway’s original production of Cats the Musical), and Jamie Gustis (Broadway’s Footloose) as the ACME Timenet Engine Crew working the time machine and giving clues to the Time Pilots through sketch comedy or songs (replacing WORLD’s original house band Rockapella). The Engine Crew also played members of Carmen’s VILE gang as well as historical figures.

Who remembers watching CARMEN SANDIEGO in the 90’s?!


It?s the 20th anniversary of ?Where In Time?? is Carmen Sandiego and it looks like one editor from The Huffington Post has finally caught her!

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