There’s a new head principal and a set of students at HORACE GREEN. We are so excited to welcome a new set of cast members to Broadway company of the smash hit School of Rock the Musical beginning July 30th, 2018 at the Winter Garden Theatre.

Newcomer Katherine McLaughlin will make her Broadway Debut as the new leading lady taking over the role of “Principal Rosalie Mullins”,

A Bronx Tale The Musical original cast member Hudson Loverro will take over the role of the flamboyant stylist “Billy”,

Layla Capers will take over as aspiring singer “Tomika”,

Darrow Golub will become the new young security kid “James”,

Matthew Jost will become “Zack the guitarist”,

Jordan Cole will take over as “Lawrence the keyboardist”,

Nirvaan Pal will take over as technician “Mason”,

and Theodora Silverman and Duke Cutler will become the new Swings,

The show’s current cast members Analisa Leaming, John Allyn, Gabrielle Greene, Jim Kaplan, Ellie Kim, Colin Lauri, Cory Logan, Iggy Rosado and Zachary Zwelling will all graduate from HORACE GREEN and take their final bows on July 29th, 2018.

Who is excited for this new lineup of rockers?!

SCHOOL OF ROCK Welcomes New Cast Members Including Katherine McLaughlin, Matthew Jost, & More

School of Rock – The Musical will welcome a new class of eight young rockers to Horace Green beginning on Monday, July 30, 2018. In addition, the show is excited to welcome Katherine McLaughlin, who will make her Broadway debut as

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