BAD DOG!!! Last night during a performance of the current Broadway revival of Cats the Musical at the Neil Simon Theatre, a canine service dog caused commotion during the opening number chasing after actress Mackenzie Warren who plays fellow Jellicle Cat “Bombalurina”. Luckily an usher stepped forward, grabbed the dog, and gave it back to the owner. Thankfully no JELLICLE CAT or Animal was hurt but this comes to show you that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats is not great for dogs. How horrible?!

The current revival of CATS is set to close on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre on December 30th, 2017 after 15 previews and 593 performances.

Service dog causes chaos at ?Cats? performance

Spies at the Neil Simon Theatre tell us an audience member?s service dog ?got away from its owner and ran after [the character] Bombalurina.?

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