Speaking of rude Theatre Etiquette behaviors, yesterday was the 8th anniversary of 2 time Tony winner Patti LuPone’s infamous rant on the 2nd to last night of the revival of Gypsy (the musical). For those who may not know, LuPone stopped the show during the musical’s big finale ROSE’S TURN to scream at 2 audience members who decided to take 3 illegal flash photographs of the actress on stage. LuPone threw the 2 jerks out and started the number all over again.

To the rude man who heckled at Hamilton: An American Musical, we just want to ask you WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!

It was January 10, 2009. Patti Lupone was heading into the climax song of ‘Gypsy,’ “Rose’s Turn,” when Lupone realized that “You either have it — Or you’ve …

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