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Backstage Interview with Laura Osnes from CINDERELLA the Musical and New York Broadway Tour’s former staff member Kristen Balzano! Laura chats about her final days as Cinderella and what she?ll do next after handing over the tiara.

If you love seeing Broadway shows this a great place to review and compare notes! Visit their website for more info!, putting the audience in the critic?s seats, in a centralized social online space. Join us to have your voice heard.

?Word Of Mouth? can be the difference between the success or closing of an NY Broadway or off Broadway show.? We believe that the choice should be YOURS, the fans.? In a peer-to-peer user-friendly fan site, we have created a forum for you, the New York?audience member, to review and quantify the shows you have seen and to share your observations on the specific elements of the latest shows with fellow theatre-lovers. fan critics will introduce themselves, as well as rate specific elements of each show to render overarching ideas of what current shows the fans like best and for what specific reasons through our chat and forum features.? We?ll provide you with real information and feedback to preserve your theatre dollars.? ?The people have the power to review their experiences and affect the choices of others. offers a central forum and?chat option?for word of mouth to reflect what the audiences are saying, with detail and quantifiable reviews of NY Broadway and off Broadway shows.? It also provides additional original content to compliment the interactive review forums with photos, stories, surveys, interviews and more. is a ?daily drop in? fan site for social conversations and a place for and relationships to develop between audience members, as well as to see original content created just for our audience and to extend onto Facebook and Twitter in our supportive, theatre-loving community. Friends of the site are Producers, actors, photographers and others working in the theatre who want to give the power to the fans to develop the word of mouth method to rate great shows in New York. puts the audience in the critic?s seat, allowing fans to consider what the audience is talking about and to have a voice in the word of mouth buzz for their favorite current shows in one central location. ? It also serves as a great resource for fan-to-fan recommendation through a proprietary algorithm that suggests the latest shows to the user.

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