Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth attempts to become the next “Jenna” in WAITRESS on Broadway in hilarious new video with Bareilles!!

SUGAR, BUTTER, TOSS-TOSS!!!! Tony and Emmy Award winner Kristin Chenoweth is still anxious to get herself cast and back on Broadway now that Live Theater has returned. She’s already been rejected from Come From Away and Dear Evan Hansen and even with trying to get back to WICKED. Now, the 4’11 versatile stage and screen favorite is boosting her talents by including baking on her resume.
In this next hilarious audition video, Chenoweth makes her way to the Ethel Barrymore Theatre stage door as she tries to show Sara Bareilles that she can be the next “Jenna Hunterson” in the Tony and Grammy nominated smash hit Waitress!!!
Could Chenoweth’s slice of I AM POPULAR ON BROADWAY PIE impress Bareilles?!!!
How funny was that?!!!

Video: Kristin Chenoweth Stops In for A WAITRESS Audition with Sara Bareilles (

Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth attempts to audition for Broadway shows again in hilarious TikTok videos!!!

With Broadway back, auditions are getting back in full swing. For many aspiring performers, it’s their dream to be in a show 8 times a week on the Great Bright Way. Even for many Broadway veterans, lot of them are anxious to head back to work and perform LIVE again including Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth.
Check out this SWANKIFIED and hilarious set of photos as the 4’11 versatile powerhouse she knocks on the door to various Theaters in attempts to be on stage again.
First stop is her old stomping grounds at the Gershwin Theatre for WICKED. Not for “Glinda” but another possible role…
Her next step was attempting to be part of THE ROCK at the Award winning groundbreaking 9/11 musical Come From Away to play “Captain Beverley Bass” (the first female pilot for American Airlines). There’s totally nothing between HER AND THE SKY until current leading lady Olivier Award nominee (and fellow Wicked alumni) Rachel Tucker answers the Gerald Schonefeld Theatre stage door.

Finally, the 4’11 bundle of dynamite attempts to go WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW trying to take over the titular role in the groundbreaking Award winning smash hit Dear Evan Hansen. Will she BE FOUND by the stage doorman at the Music Box Theatre?!!

Don’t Give Up Kristin!! Don’t give up anyone!!
How funny was that?!!!

Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth can’t get a ticket back to WICKED; Hilarious Skit Video at the Gershwin Box Office on performer’s Social Media

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WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER to have Broadway’s Award winning blockbuster smash hit WICKED back where it belongs. It’s still one of the hottest shows on the Great Bright Way that is still difficult to get tickets. Everyone who comes to NYC is wanting to see this show but (like we said) obviously it’s impossible….. even for the show’s original “Glinda” herself Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth.
The 4’11 versatile stage and screen star most recently recorded a SWANKIFIED and hilarious video on her social media she struggles to try to get a ticket to Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre Box Office.
Would Chenoweth’s possession from the show…. her OG “Glinda” wand work? Watch and find out.
How funny was that?!!!

VIDEO: Kristin Chenoweth Can’t Catch A Break at the WICKED Box Office (

LOOK, IT’S GLINDA!! Tony and Emmy Kristin Chenoweth makes surprise appearance Pre-Show at return of Broadway’s WICKED

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Photos: WICKED Cast Returns to the Gershwin Theatre for Re-Opening Night!
IT’S GOOD TO SEE HER, ISN’T IT?! The curtain just went down on the first historical THRILLIFYING re-opening night of Broadway’s long running blockbuster
WICKED. Prior before the curtain went up, visitors to OZ immediately erupted into a thunderous standing ovation and received a very special surprise…..
Before the show began, fans got a surprise appearance from the show’s original “Glinda” herself Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth. The POPULAR 4’11 Broadway darling walked onto the stage of the Gershwin Theatre for an emotional speech celebrating the return of the Great Bright Way. In the speech, she also included a notable line coming back that is very appropriate especially when its a show about OZ…… THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!
How WONDERFUL was that?!!


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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Over the years, Broadway stars have had their unforgettable legacy of signature songs. Not just the ones you hear on the Great Bright Way but also outside of it. One of those songs (and one of our personal favorites) was a romantic contemporary comedic song about the romantic feelings for the hottest barista around…… TAYLOR THE LATTE BOY.
Written by Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler for a musical called ADVENTURES IN LOVE, the song tells the story of a young girl smitten for guy who works behind a counter at a Starbucks.
TAYLOR THE LATTE BOY got worldwide acclaimed attention back in 2000 when Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth performed it live on The Rosie O’Donnell Show. It was well received, it would be added to Chenoweth’s repertoire ever since. Chenoweth has continued to perform this song LIVE in many of her ongoing solo concerts. Throughout her career, Chenoweth sang the song on many grand stages including Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera House, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Greek Theatre, and so much more. The song also appears as a bonus track on her 2005 spiritual Sophomore solo album AS I AM.
Composers Marcy & Zina would eventually record their version of the song in 2009 on their duo album THE ALBUM featuring many of their greatest hits.
TAYLOR THE LATTE BOY today is very popular in both the audition rooms and cabarets / concerts everywhere for every aspiring young actress.
There is even a REBUTTAL version of the song from the perspective of “Taylor” himself in an Awkward situation describing the point of view “Narrator”.
Check out Chenoweth’s version from 2006 when she appeared on the original version of The Late Late Show with Craig Fergason.
Isn’t this such a fun, romantic, comedic showstopper?
Who can relate to the feelings of falling in love with someone behind a counter?