Made For Each Other/The Year I was Gifted!

We are so excited to introduce our friends Monica Bauer and John Fico! These two talented performers are presenting their solo shows in a 6-8 week run at Stage Left Studios. If you have a passion for the theatre please check out these amazing shows! ?Your gonna LOVE it!

Produced by Fig Tree Productions in association with Stage Left Studio
Fridays at 9pm beginning Feb 7th

214 West 30th Street, 6th floor, NYC 10001
Tickets $23 (+$2 surcharge), $25 at the door

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Check out this mini commercial to wet your whistle before you whistle!


Hilariously funny and touching, the incredible actor John Fico performs in the solo show “Made For Each Other”, written by Monica Bauer and directed by John Fitz Gibbon. With a series of direct addresses to the audience, Fico takes you through the love story of Vincent, a closeted science teacher, and Jerry, a nurse who helps attends Vincent’s mom. Add in a Broadway Diva with Alzheimer’s, your favorite Italian grandfather, and a lie that might tear the two lovers apart, and you’re in for a tour de force all driven by Mr. Fico himself.


Drama with comedy for anyone who?s ever wondered what to do with their life. Direct from New York, a gay-straight love story. The true tale of a working class girl?s attempt to survive a prestigious boarding school for the arts. ?When I was 15 years old I lied my way into the best boarding school for the arts. Then I had to decide if I was willing to betray my beliefs to stay there.

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