Broadway actor assaulted by white woman, called n-word

BREAKING NEWS: A racist woman from Reno, Nevada attacked one of our very own Broadway talents!! Elijah Ahmad Lewis (currently playing Stevie Wonder on the US National Tour of Motown the Musical) was assaulted by a woman who called kept randomly screaming at him and calling him the N word. Lewis captured everything on camera.

HOW HORRIBLE! We at New York Broadway Tours apologize to Elijah to what happen. No one should disrespect you like that.

To the racist woman who attacked an incredibly talented performer, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! WAIT TILL SOMEONE STARTS ACTING RACIST AND ATTACKING YOU.

Broadway actor assaulted by white woman, called n-word

Elijah Ahmad Lewis, a black Broadway actor in the ensemble of ?Motown the Musical,? claims to have been attacked while in Nevada on tour by a white woman who repeatedly called him by the N-word. Lewis said that a white woman charged him and began to attack him, and he pulled out his phone to try?

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