THROWBACK THURSDAY: Over the years, Broadway had some critically smash hit shows as well as some big flops. One of the most biggest flops and controversial musicals of all time happened in the 90’s.

Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Paul Simon (half of Simon & Garfunkel) created a musical entitled The Capeman. The show told the story of Salvador Agron, a young rebel who was well known for stabbing 2 Caucasian teenagers in Hell’s Kitchen in the 1950’s, becoming the youngest prisoner ever sentenced to death row, and initially was suppose to be sentenced to death in the electric chair. Agron was nicknamed THE CAPEMAN.

Around the time it was being announced that a musical about one of the scariest crimes in the 1950’s was happening, people were shocked and angry about the whole idea. During the weeks while the show was in tech and all throughout it’s start of previews, people (including members of Agron’s family) began to protest outside the Marquis Theatre (where the show was playing) to stop the show from opening. The protest included people cursing, fighting, carrying signs saying SALAVADOR AGRON IS NOT A MUSICAL, and screaming at the producers objecting the show.

However, the show did go on however running for only 127 performances total. The critics wrote the worst negative reviews on the show. The only part of the show that was praised was the sets, costumes, the music, and the performers. The show did went on to be nominated for 3 Tony Awards in 1998 including Best Score but lost all it’s categories.

The cast of THE CAPEMAN included Latin Award winning recording superstar Marc Anthony.

At the same time, a documentary was made about the making of this controversial show. You never know what can happen on Broadway!!

A behind the scenes documentary of Paul Simons ill fated Musical ‘ The Capeman’. Starring Ruben Blades & Marc Anthony. Narrated by Michael Gambon.

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