THROWBACK THURSDAY: Yesterday marked as the 9th anniversary of one of the most famous Theater Etiquette rants in Broadway history.

During the 2nd to last day of the last Broadway revival of GYPSY at the St. James Theatre, the show’s Tony winning star Patti LuPone made the headlines for confronting and throwing out a rude audience member for illegally taking flashed photography (of the Broadway legend) during the show’s climax and showstopping number ROSE’S TURN.

In addition to the event happening, another naughty audience member snuck audio recording of the situation, posted it on YouTube, and the rant went viral.

That audience member got LuPONED indeed!!!

Thoughts about that night?

It was January 10, 2009. Patti Lupone was heading into the climax song of ‘Gypsy,’ “Rose’s Turn,” when Lupone realized that “You either have it — Or you’ve …

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