Today is a day we never forget and remember those who survived and no longer with us during one of the most terrifying times of our live 16 years ago.

With Times Square deserted and the world grieving at the time of the 9/11 attacks, the Broadway community was affected with all shows that were running got shut down.

However a miracle happened when former NYC mayor, Rudolph gulliani and the Broadway community (featuring veterans and costumed characters from shows running at the time) all came to the deserted Times Square, New York City to perform Kander and Ebb’s NEW YORK, NEW YORK for an I LOVE NEW YORK campaign.

It encouraged people who were depressed and scared, to still come to New York City and experience live entertainment which became like medicine for the tourists who were mourning. It was shown in 20 countries.

Check out the full music video right here.

NEVER FORGET! Still come to NEW YORK CITY as well.

#ILoveNY #September112001 #NeverForget #ADayWeNeverForget #GodBlessAmerica #CometoNY #AmericaWeStandStrong #ComeToNewYork

I Love NY Theatre – Broadway 911 Tribute (New York, New York) 2001

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