Earlier this week, Colby Dezelick (a Rider University graduate) who is currently making his Broadway Debut in the 25th Anniversary revival of Miss Saigon US on Broadway has been filling in these last few days for the show’s leading man Alistair Brammer in the role of GI heartthrob “Chris” at the Broadway Theatre.

Dezelick (who usually appears in the MISS SAIGON Ensemble every night) documented that AMERICAN DREAM of going on for the very first time as a leading man on Broadway for his YouTube channel. You can experience it right here.

We at New York Broadway Tours give understudies so much credit getting ready to go on at a moment’s notice. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!

Congrats Colby on your “Chris” debut on Broadway. This is only the beginning of many exciting Broadway adventures you’re going to have.

PLEASE CHECK OUT: Colby’s YouTube channel is everything that many aspiring Broadway performers out there should check out. He has documented his entire experience of MISS SAIGON on it’s road back to Broadway (rehearsals, tech, previews, opening night, life in the Ensemble, and going on for “Chris”), his typical routines that keeps him healthy for him to do 8 shows a week, shares lots of inspirational advice, and much more.

VIDEO: MISS SAIGON Understudy Colby Dezelick Chronicles First Time as Chris!

What happens when a Broadway understudy gets his first call that he’s going on? MISS SAIGON’s Colby Dezelick found out last week when he got to fill in for leading man, Alistair Brammer. Go inside his crazy day below!

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