We are half hour (30 minutes away) from A Christmas Story Live on FOX. To get us more into the spirit, here is the original trailer for the classic 1983 film version of what the musical is based off on. The cast of the original film featured…

Peter Billingsley as “Ralphie Parker”
Jean Shepherd as “Adult Ralphie” / voice of “Narrator”,
Ian Petrella as “Randy Parker’
Melinda Dillon as “Mrs. Parker”
Darren McGavin as “Mr. Parker”,
Scott Schwartz as “Flick”
R. D. Robb as “Schwartz”
Zack Ward as “Scut Farkus”
Yano Anaya as “Grover Dill”
Tedde Moore as “Miss Shields”
and Jeff Gillen as “Santa Claus”.

Who is excited for tonight’s live televised presentation of the musical?

Any fans of the original film here?


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