Are you the next upcoming Broadway Star? Do you love New York and want to learn as much as you can while enjoying a Broadway Tour but want a more intimate experience? Come and join us for a private tour!

We have had every kind of student join us: stage managers, actors, singers, dancers, and comedians from all kinds of different drama clubs, choirs, and schools.

Are you a family or do you have less than 10 participants? Sign up for a private tour by clicking here or use the booking button below.

We can work around any budget or schedule and accommodate any group size. If you have a big group, we will bring on more guides for every 15-20 students so that we can make sure everyone receives the best personal experience.

If you have more than 10, then shoot us an email at and we will discuss the perfect tour designed and accommodated just for your group.

Private Interactive Musical Theatre Experience

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