Beginning this week, Pop singing sensation Sabrina Carpenter makes her lifelong dream come true making her Broadway debut in the musical adaptation of the smash hit Mean Girls. From now through June 7th, 2020 at Broadway's August Wilson Theatre, the acclaimed singer and actress takes on the lead role of HOME SCHOOL JUNGLE FREAK to rising PLASTIC herself "Cady Heron".

With joining the cast, Carpenter took to her social media to share a couple of ground rules so she can get the best out of her FETCH experience along with staying healthy in doing the show night after night. Her rules are….

  1. NO CELL PHONES, AUDIO, or VIDEO RECORDING OF ANY KIND DURING THE PERFORMANCE. For those who experienced Carpenter on her recent concert tours, she is always welcome to have fans record the show. However, Broadway is different….. copyright laws and also distracts the performers on stage.

  2. Carpenter will do her best to stage door after most performances. However, due to what's happening right now with the coronavirus spreading and NYC in a state of Emergency, sadly there will not be hugging. Carpenter wants to have both herself and her fans healthy with doing the show night after night.

  3. She also reminded everyone to RESPECT her choices whether she stage doors or not after the show. HEALTHY AND SAFETY FIRST!!!

    Applause for you Sabrina.

    BREAK A LEG!!!!


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