ON THE MARQUEE: 2020 truly made us THREW AWAY OUR SHOT on what would have been an exciting Broadway season thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our spirits are high as we await the return of the New York Theater scene later this upcoming year.

One of the shows that is expecting to return is Lin-Manuel Miranda's groundbreaking worldwide phenomenon Hamilton. Earlier this Fall, an update has been made to the front of house billboard outside the show's home at Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theatre. The marquee itself is letting us know that THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS will BE BACK……WAIT FOR IT….. in 2021!!!!! One of our dear friends has been so kind enough to share this photo. Even though the show's not being performed 8 times a week, the lights of Broadway marquees are still shining and glowing.

As previously announced, talks are already being said that HAMILTON is expecting to resume its revolution either this upcoming June 2021 or on the 4th of July of this year….with strictly limited capacity. No official date has been confirmed just yet. At the same time, everyone in New York City will be going through the slow and steady precautions especially for once the official COVID-19 vaccines begin their phases.


We can't wait to be back IN THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD and experience Broadway RISE UP like never before!!!


Who misses HAMILTON?

Who is excited for Broadway to return?!!!

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