With this continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone continues to share their love, appreciation, and applaud the many brave men and women of the Frontline Team. They are still doing such an unbelievable job taking the most wonderful care and saving lives of all those effected by the coronavirus. Early into the start of this pandemic, we previously shared a video of the Broadway company of WICKED paying tribute to these inspirational heroes.

Not too long ago, Wicked's sister company across the pond in London's West End has wanted to honor their UK heroes and everyone during this still crazy time. Get ready for a beautiful and THRILLIFYING performance below.

With their special tribute performing their rendition of WICKED's beautiful 11:00 number FOR GOOD, here is the show's current London witches themselves Laura Pick ("Elphaba") and Helen Woolf ("Glinda") along with some of their new virtual friends.

Thank you Frontline Workers!!! You truly have changed the world FOR GOOD. We are all gonna get through this. We will be DEFYING GRAVITY again really soon.

For our friends in the UK, you can see Laura and Helen change us all FOR GOOD 8 times a week with the West End company of WICKED 8 times a week at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre when Live Theater resumes.

How beautiful was that?!!!

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