NOTHING LASTS, LIFE GOES ON FULL OF SURPRISES! Today is a very bittersweet and emotional day for the Theater world…. this is a day we're probably waking up now thinking IT'S SUCKS TO BE ME. Yup, we bid farewell to the residents of humans, puppets, monsters, bad-idea bears, and more from the Tony Award winning smash hit Avenue Q as they officially move out of the Big Apple for good. The show ends on a high note after 16 years and over 6,400 performances here on the New York Theatre scene (that consists of the shows 2003 World Premiere OFF Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre, its move a few months later to the Golden Theatre ON Broadway, and its home for the last 10 years OFF Broadway at New World Stages).

The show (a.k.a. The R-Rated version of Sesame Street) has made us laugh at all the crazy onstage topics (including Racism, Internet Porn, and much more), cry, and taught us some of life's greatest key lessons including believing in our PURPOSE of life, always knowing that EVERYONE'S A LITTLE BIT RACIST, YOU COULD BE AS LOUD AS THE HELL YOU WANT, FANTASIES COME TRUE, and personally that EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS ONLY FOR NOW.

AVENUE Q will continue to make audiences laugh all over the world with productions still being performed in schools (yup including a clean school version if you do not want to use the language), community, and regional theaters everywhere.

Congrats to the entire cast (of humans and puppets), crew, musicians, and creative team for an amazing 16 years of making audiences laugh 8 times a week. We know you'll be back before we know it.


Who is sad to see the most fun show of them all ending its life here in NYC?

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