This ongoing time of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge effect on not only the incredible talents you see on stage but also the people who work behind the scenes. One of those people was Ernest J. Paylor.

In case anyone may not know, Ernie is a security stage doorman for The Shubert Organization. Some of you might have seen him during our Walking Tours. Within the last few years before COVID hit, he was protecting everyone backstage and your fellow Theatergoers at….

The Booth Theatre during Lin-Manuel Miranda's Freestyle Love Supreme


The Broadhurst Theatre during both Anastasia and Jagged Little Pill (right before the shutdown).

He's also there greeting every cast & crew member. In addition a highlight for all Broadway fans who have stepped into either Theater waiting for the cast to walk out the stage door is experiencing Paylor showing off his Emcee skills…. including rules and introducing each talent whoever comes out.

When his pandemic happened, he lost his doorman job. In addition this past November, he experienced a horrific trauma that caused his leg to be amputated. He is currently in rehab and going through Physical Therapy.

In support of Ernie, Broadway fans (led by Alisa Hurwitz) put together a special GoFundMe Fundraiser to help support this incredible man. So far with Family, Friends, and Broadway fans donating, they've raised so far over $6K.

Please donate whatever you can!!!

We love you Ernie!!!


Broadway Fans Unite to Support Broadway’s ‘Best Stage Doorman’

As first reported by Onstage Blog, Broadway fans have united in support of a special member of the community. After Ernest J. Paylor, doorman at the Broadhurst Theatre (recent home to Jagged Little Pill and Anastasia), was hospitalized last month, fans came to the rescue.

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