EVER AFTER has never been so happier!!!! It has just been announced that Disney is officially in the works of FINALLY working on a highly anticipated movie musical sequel to its Oscar nominated film Enchanted!!!!

The new sequel entitled DISENCHANTED will be coming to Disney+. Happiest news of them all is that Oscar nominee Amy Adams will reprise her role of "Princess Giselle"!!!!!

No word however has been said if any of the other actors from the original film will return to reprise their roles consisting of….

James Marsden as "Prince Edward",
Patrick Dempsey as "Robert Phillip",
Tony winner Idina Menzel as "Nancy Tremaine",
Acclaimed British actor Timothy Spall as "Nathaniel",
Rachel Covey as "Morgan Phillup",
the legendary Susan Sarandon as the wicked "Queen Narissa".

However, our fingers are crossed!!!!

In case anyone may not remember, ENCHANTED was released in 2007. It's a unique original musical that pays tribute to all the Disney Fairy Tales we all know. The story centers on "Giselle" who is thrown out from her traditional fictional animated kingdom of "Andalasia" into the live-action real world of New York City by a jealous wicked Queen. The film features several original songs by Tony, Grammy, and Oscar winner Stephen Schwartz including 3 of its notable Oscar nominated tunes including A HAPPY WORKING SONG, THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW, and SO CLOSE.

More information on the cast, crew, and creative team will be announced soon.

Who is excited?!!!

Disney Announces ENCHANTED Sequel DISENCHANCTED; Amy Adams to Return As Giselle

Disney's musical film Enchanted first premiered over 12 years ago, and ever since, fans have been anticipating a sequel.

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