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FIRST LOOK: Get ready to feel like an ISLANDER as you experience the Award winning groundbreaking smash hit Come From Away coming to Apple TV+ next month. We are so happy to share with you another trailer that has just been released of this filmed proshot.
Filmed in front of a live audience consisting of Frontline Workers at Broadway’s Gerald Schonefeld Theatre, it features scenes from the production along with the cast performing 2 of its highlighted songs WELCOME TO THE ROCK and SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.
As previously announced, this filmed cast of the 9/11 musical features a combination of both original and replacement cast members from the Broadway production including….
Jenn Colella who returned for this filmed production still in the midst of this pandemic reprising her 2017 Tony nominated portrayal as “Captain Beverly Bass” (the first female pilot of American Airlines), “Annette”, and others,
Petrina Bromley as “Bonnie,” and others,
Joel Hatch as “Claude” and others,
Caesar Samayoa as “Kevin J.”, “Ali”, and others,
Q. Smith as “Hannah” and others,
Astrid Van Wieren as “Beulah” and others,
Sharon Donaldson-Wheatley as “Diane” and others
De’Lon Grant as “Bob” and others,
Tony LePage as “Kevin T” and others,
Paul Whitty as “Oz” and others,
Emily Walton as “Janice” and others
Jim Walton as “Nick”, “Doug”, and others.
COME FROM AWAY’s filmed Broadway proshot will be available on AppleTv+ starting September 10th, 2021….. just 1 day before the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks.
Meanwhile for those who plan to see the show LIVE, the Broadway production will reopen at the Gerald Schonefeld Theatre starting starting September 21st, 2021. Currently, Come From Away is playing right now in London’s West End and on hold right now in Australia. The US National Tour and sit-down Toronto companies will reopen later this year.
Also on that very same day of the September 10th, 2021 AppleTV+ proshot release, COME FROM AWAY will also be presenting a free ONE NIGHT ONLY concert production in Washington D.C. in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
Get your tissues out before watching!! We’re a mess already.
Who is excited?!!!

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