What was the start of a brand new decade turned into a very intense year for the world thanks to the coronavirus. This horrible disease has caused so much destruction to companies and many people out of a job including our very own Theater community.

However despite this long Intermission, Broadway, West End, and Theaters everywhere have expanded their creativity and made their own art. In addition, we experienced a lot of unforgettable presenting virtual performances, concerts, and Live Theater shows without an audience…. all to help raise money for unforgettable causes in helping the Entertainment industry & people surive.

Check out this amazing article of what a crazy year it has been.

Our spirits are high as we await the return of it being safe to return to experience the magic of Broadway and Live Theater.

What was your favorite 2020 creative performance?!!!

Glimmers of Light: The Theatre Moments That Gave Us Comfort Amid Chaos | Playbill

A surprise Sondheim performance. A face-off with love. A whole lot of streaming events. Here's what brought us joy in a rough 2020.

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