BREAKING NEWS: Get ready to HAND JIVE as the legendary musical Grease is getting not 1 but 2 musical prequels!!!! The latest project will be a prequel TV series storyline about the lives of one of the musical's beloved crew at RYDELL HIGH SCHOOL…… The Pink Ladies. You will follow the early beginnings of "Rizzo", "Jan" "Frenchy", and "Marty" of where they first met till the beginning of that famous first day of Senior Year where they RULED THE SCHOOL!!!

Originally the series entitled GREASE: RISE OF THE PINK LADIES was set to go to HBO Max but now has been changed to Paramount Plus.

Along with RISE OF THE PINK LADIES, there will also be a movie musical prequel entitled GREASE: SUMMER LOVIN' which tells the story of the very beginning of the musical's head couple "Danny" and "Sandy" when they first met, fell in love, and the famous events as told in the musical's famous song SUMMER NIGHTS.

Announcements for castings, release, and filming for both GREASE prequels will be announced soon.


Who is excited?

‘Grease’ Spinoff Series Leaves HBO Max, Headed To Paramount Plus

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