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IT’S OCTOBER 3RD….. You know what that means?!!! It’s National Mean Girls Day!!!!!
In case anyone may not know the whole inside joke, there’s a scene where the main character “Cady Heron” has her eyes on the cutest boy in her Math class by the name of “Aaron Samuels”. “Cady” is asked of that certain day by “Aaron” that changes her life forever. Because of the film earning a huge cult following, it became Nationally well known as NATIONAL MEAN GIRLS DAY!!!
The musical adaptation of Mean Girls is set to make its way back to the Musical Theater stage. Sadly, the Broadway production is not coming back but the FETCH National Tour is set to relaunch next month. It will re-kick off in Tempe, AZ beginning November 2nd, 2021 before traveling to the following cities across North America….
Portland, OR,
Seattle, WA,
Salt Lake City, UT,
Albuquerque, NM,
Oklahoma City, OK,
Milwaukee, WI,
Nashville, TN,
St. Louis, MI,
Omaha, NE,
Indianapolis, IN,
Washington D.C, (where the show had its pre-Broadway tryout),
Memphis, TN,
New Orleans, LA,
Schenectady, NY,
Baltimore, MD,
Atlanta, GA,
Houston, TX,
Hartford, CT
San Diego, CA,
and more.
Check the site to see when MEAN GIRLS is coming to your town.
Under the direction and choreography by Casey Nicholaw, the cast will be led by….
Danielle Wade as “Cady Heron”,
Nadina Hassan as “Regina George”,
Megan Masako as “Gretchen Wieners”,
Jonalyn Saxer as “Karen Smith”,
Mary Kate Morrisey as “Janis Sarkisian”,
Eric Huffman as “Damian Hubbard”,
Adante Carter as “Aaron Samuels”,
Kabir Bery as “Kevin Gnapor”,
Laurence E. Street as “Principal Duvall”,
Gaelen Gilliland as “The Adult Women”.
How are you celebrating MEAN GIRLS day?
Favorite song from the musical?!
Mike Haber
Author: Mike Haber

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