KISS HER GOODBYE! Today is a very bittersweet day for the Broadway community as r Jessica Vosk flies out of Broadway's biggest blockbuster WICKED The Musical. For the celebrate performer who plays the smart, fiery, and very misunderstood green faced "Elphaba" for the show's 15th Anniversary (following coming off the Munchkinland 2nd National Tour), it truly was a long journey to DEFYING GRAVITY from Wall Street to performing 8 times a week at the Gershwin Theatre. Check out this inspiring featurette on Jessica that was aired on ABC's 20/20.

Beginning this Tuesday night, May 14th, 2019, the role of "Elphaba" will be taken over by Hannah Corneau (Off Broadway's Daddy Long Legs The Musical and Renascence, The National Tour of HEDWIG on Broadway).

Happy Trails Jessica! Thank you for giving us the courage to TRUST OUR INSTISCTS, CLOSE OUR EYES, & LEAP!

Break a leg Hannah!!! We know you will make your "Elphaba" as beautiful and motivating as ever.

Who is sad for Jessica leaving? Who is excited for Hannah starting?!

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