YOU OUGHTA KNOW of this!!!! An evacuation was made at this afternoon's performance of Jagged Little Pill. Around 4pm during the mattinae, reports were made of a substance sprayed from the Orchestra section at the Broadhurst Theatre. The entire sold out house was evacuated. The remainder of the mattinae was cancelled and ticket holders would be refunded or purchase tickets to another possible performance . Investigation is still happening about the substance with possible talks that it was pepper spray. How horrible!!! Thoughts?!!!

‘Jagged Little Pill’ Musical Evacuated for Possible Pepper Spray Incident

The matinee performance of “Jagged Little Pill” had an unexpected intermission on Saturday. The Broadway musical featuring Alanis Morissette songs was temporarily stopped shortly after 4 p.m. for reports of a substance sprayed in the theater’s audience. FDNY crews were dispatched to the Broadh…

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