BREAKING NEWS: Renée Marino (Wonderland, Chaplin, & on Broadway recently in Pretty Woman: The Musical along with appearing in both the Broadway & film adaptations of Jersey Boys) has officially signed a book deal with Morgan James Publishing. She is hard at work on developing a brand new nonfiction book coming up entitled BECOMING A MATER COMMUNICATION: MERGING NEW SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY WITH SOL' SCHOOL SIMPLICITY.

Marino guides readers on the use of technology as an effective tool, without solely relying on it for communicating with others. She knows that cell phones and computers provide an incredibly convenient level of connection with the world, but she points out how screen-based communication is often indirect and can cause disconnect within relationships. Through various personal stories and easy-to-implement practices, Marino leads women and men back to authentic, intentional communication in their relationships by knowing when to use technology and when to put the devices down and have a direct conversation. She illustrates how communication is the foundation of personal and professional relationships, and that when we become Master Communicators, we become unstoppable.

No announcement of the book's release has been revealed just yet.

Who is excited?!!

Jersey Boys Star Renée Marino Signs Book Deal With Morgan James

Jersey Boys actress Renée Marino signed a book deal with Morgan James to publish her first nonfiction book, Becoming a Master Communicator—Merging New School Technology with Ol' School Simplicity.

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