Yesterday's announcement of the Tony Awards nominations is truly one of the most greatest days for all Broadway fans showing their love and appreciation for the incredible shows that opened within the past season. However, it can also be very bittersweet when some of the best shows get snubbed from the key nominations.

In 1996 (just 2 days after that year's nominees went out), the legendary Julie Andrews surprised Broadway fans at the curtain call for VICTOR / VICTORIA by refusing to receive her nomination for Best Leading Actress in a Musical due to the entire production being snubbed (even though critics praised it) and not getting any other nominations (including BEST MUSICAL) by the voting committee. The refusal speech made the headlines causing the entire Theater community to boycott the American Theatre Wing and all the voters who put the Tony nominees together.

VICTOR / VICTORIA (based on the 1982 film of the same name that also starred Andrews) ran at Broadway's Marquis Theatre for 25 previews and 734 regular performances. The show tragically also marked as the very last Broadway show for Andrews before she lost her iconic soprano singing voice. During several weeks of performances, she began to have a hoarseness sound in her singing voice. She had to have a surgery to remove non-cancerous nodules from her throat. However, the surgery caused her to loose her iconic voice forever and forced her to leave the production.

This all shows that Julie Andrews is a true team player and cares so much about everyone on stage, backstage, and even under the stage…. a true team player.


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