FLASHBACK FRIDAY: 2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of original Spring Awakening star Lauren Pritchard's debut solo album WASTED IN JACKSON. The singer-songwriter (who now goes by LOLO) started working on this album from Island Records following her departure from SPRING AWAKENING (where she originated the role of the free-spirted Bohemian "Ilse") in London since 2008.

It featured 12 original songs written by LOLO and produced by Eg White. 3 of the songs became singles including WHEN THE NIGHT KILLS THE DAY. Check out the music video for it below.

Today, LOLO has gone on to become a successful singer-songwriter. Her vocals have gone on to be heard in Panic At the Disco's hit single MISS JACKSON. She also released several EP's and her recent album (under LOLO) entitled IN LOVING MEMORY OF WHEN I GIVE A S***. She also wrote the music for SONGBIRD (which debuted Off Broadway in 2015).


Who has that album?
Any LOLO / Lauren Pritchard fans out there?!!!

Lauren Pritchard “When the night kills the day”

A Promo I art directed for solo artist Lauren Pritchard, Directed by Brendan MacNamee and Produced by James Young for Blunt Films.

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