Happy Election Day!!! Huge time for the world right now as people are letting their voices be heard in helping make history happen for who will be kicking kicking off the new decade as President of The United States of America.

One of the most nerve wracking moments for people after they vote is the waiting process. To keep our spirits high as we continue to wait, check out this new Public Service Announcement commercial from RepresentUs. It features Tony and Grammy winner Leslie Odom Jr. with a new re-recorded version of his signature song….. and very appropriate for "after-voting" as we await the final results of the election….. WAIT FOR IT from Hamilton.

Please continue to be patient. Remember, We're All In This Together.

Be sure to go out there today if you haven't had a chance as well to…. VOTE!!!! Let's write the next chapter of our history.

We also want to tell everyone with whoever wins, please be careful wherever you are.

How powerful was that commercial?

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