BREAKING NEWS: The original ANGEL OF MUSIC herself is back. The Phantom of the Opera’s original leading lady and the world’s most best selling soprano Sarah Brightman is set to release her long awaited 12th Studio album HYMN. The album will mark as her 9th studio album where she has collaborated with her longtime producer Frank Petersen. Around the same time as the release of the album, Brightman will embark on a year long World Concert Tour.

For those who are super Sarah Brightman fans, most of her albums are known for having themes to go with the feel of the songs. For HYMN, the album is all about heaven… kinda familiar to her 2008 dark classical gothic-rock album SYMPHONY.

HYMN THE ALBUM and HYMN THE WORLD TOUR is to launch this November 2018.

Who is excited?

Sarah Brightman Will Release HYMN Album and Launch World Tour This November

Though it’s been five years since Sarah Brightman has released a studio album – 2013’s Classical chart- topper Dreamchaser – the world’s best-selling soprano has hardly been idle. Not only did Brightman perform over 100 concerts on five continents to support Dreamchaser, she also brought her Gala -….

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