Broadway's biggest night is 1 month from tomorrow! For many of the shows that have come to the Great White Way, it's a long road to making it to the Great White Way. Not only it's the hard working talents on stage, it's also the hard working people off stage in the behind the scenes aspects that bring the show on its feet from the creative team, to the musicians, to the crew, etc.

One of the biggest seasons ever for the New York Theater scene was the 2003-2004 season. It was a full lineup of so many new musicals and plays. During that particular season, Broadway producer, writer, and filmmaker Dori Berinstein (currently one of the big producers of this year's 7 time Tony nominated smash hit The Prom) documented behind the scenes footage on all the shows in their creative process from first meetings, rehearsals, opening nights, press events, and all the way to the Tony Awards. With the footage, she mainly centered on 4 of the major principal musicals. 2 of them went on to become still popular long running hits consisting of….

Avenue Q (that year's Tony winning BEST MUSICAL),


WICKED The Musical (which is still Broadway's biggest Blockbuster and still playing to packed houses around the world),

It also centered on 2 other musicals that were short-lived flops but went on to have a huge cult following by Theater fans everywhere. Those shows were….

Caroline Or Change


Taboo the musical (which also experienced some huge controversy on its road to Broadway)

Released in 2007, check out the documentary right below, It is entitled SHOW BUSINESS: THE ROAD TO BROADWAY.

Who remembers this documentary?
Any favorite shows from that season?

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