Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation



“Parents founded JDRF in 1970 with a goal of helping their children by funding research to find a cure for a poorly understood and often deadly disease. Their efforts brought us all closer to life-changing therapies and the journey continues today. It is up to us to take their vision across the finish line. JDRF is your best partner for translating discoveries into life-changing advances and a cure.

One fact is inescapable: increased funding is essential to reach our goal. Clinical trials and clinical development is increasingly expensive. Basic research in mice is costly but proof of effectiveness, safety and market preparation in humans is even more so.

As successful as we have been to date, we know that the gap between where we are now and delivering life-changing therapies on the horizon is large. We need to increase the number of dollars we deploy annually so we can exploit the exciting opportunities in front of us. Your contribution will help change the pace of T1D advancements, accelerating progress down the path to improving lives and curing T1D.”

2014 Promise Ball – Rock the Cure

Saturday, May 10, 2014

We at New York Broadway Tours are grateful to be donating two family packs to this organization. Amada’s mother has lived with type 1 diabetes for most of her life. It’s a very deadly disease that needs to find a cure. Please check out their website for additional information on how you can get involved, donate, or attend their event:?http://jdrfctmapromiseball.org