Over the years, Celebrities have tried their hand performing on Broadway 8 times a week. In addition, there have been celebrities who have made surprise one night only cameos. One of those shows it happened a lot was during Disney’s Award winning smash hit The Lion King – Musical. These surprise celebrity guest stars would usually make a surprise appearance during the show’s iconic and breathtaking opening number CIRCLE OF LIFE. Plus, several news and talk shows have covered footage of it.

Broadway Cast 2010 – Award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg (who voiced laughing hyena “Shenzi” in the 1994 Animated film version) disguised as a Bird Lady (but also appeared during one of the Elephant Graveyard scenes reprising her film role of “Shenzi” and later coming on in Act 2 as “Rafiki’s Twin”) as seen on The View:

National Tour Cast 2010 – Disney Channel star Debby Ryan disguised as a Bird Lady as seen on Disney 365: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t98qPRA9G6o

Broadway Cast 2012 – Ernie D from Radio Disney disguised as a Wildebeest as seen on Disney 365: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yec1BQRiTDc

Broadway Cast 2017: Chef Carla Hall disguised as a Bird Lady as seen on The Chew:

Anyone witnessed any of these stars who made a surprise appearance? What other celebrity you would love to see make a surprise appearance in a Broadway show?

Whoopi Goldberg talks about her one night only performance in Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway on The View (02/03/2010)

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