HAPPY WORLD THEATER DAY!!! Today is truly a celebration of this unforgettable community of talents creating an breathtaking piece of visual art. We send our love to the amazing geniuses of performers, musicians, technicians, ushers, and everyone involved in putting a live performance together. We are a community that celebrate and love each other through the great times but also the extreme rough times.

Right now during this time, it's been really hard for Broadway and the Theater community around the world to abruptly be shut down for safety. We know deep in our hearts that the curtain will be rising back up again soon. It may take time but Broadway will be back!!!!

For a little throwback, get a look at an old commercial from Visa in celebration of Broadway and the Theater community after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It features a beautiful piano rendition of our anthem GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY. Of course, THE CURTAIN WILL NEVER GO DOWN ON NEW YORK CITY!!!

How beautiful is this commercial?

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