Words can not describe the devastation of what happened in Orlando this Sunday. My heart is mourning for the families and friends who lost someone they loved. As a musical theatre performer, my theatre family always consisted of talented people of all shapes and sizes, genders, and sexual identities. It didn’t matter who or where you came from, only that you were doing your role or your part. Life is like that. We are all different for a reason and for those people who don’t seem to understand someone who is different, it scares them which is why tragedies like this happen. I don’t want anyone to feel left out or alone. I don’t want anyone to be scared or misunderstood. I created the tour “Gay Greenwich Village Piano Bar Pub Crawl” for that specific reason; so that not only would you be able to come and see a beautiful area of New York City, but you would also get to meet real New Yorkers who might be GAY and who live, work, sing, dance and share their stories with us. Their struggles, their triumphs, and their LOVE. We are all LOVE. As Lin-Manuel said in his speech at the Tony’s last night… “Love is Love is Love is Love Is LOVE!”

As a small business-owner, all I can offer is a discount code to come and join me for a tour. My family is YOU. If you are joining us here in New York during Pride Month and want to experience a GAY-friendly fun event with a friend, then simply visit our website page and use the code “WeAreOrlando” for 50% off tickets for the tour. Only active for 2 or more persons.

The link to the tour is here:?https://newyorkbroadwaytours.com/product/piano-pub-crawl


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