YOU IN THE UK, LISTEN TO THIS!!! After 10 rough months of being shutdown, Live Theater is having its long awaited history making comeback TONIGHT!!! We are so happy to welcome back 2 of the best shows overseas (that have both had Broadway experiences) as they resume performances. However, BOTH these shows will be performed as strictly limited engagements. The shows consist of….

The legendary Les Miserables DREAMING THE DREAM once again at the Sondheim Theatre (formerly The Queens Theatre)


the Olivier Award nominated GIRL POWER smash hit SIX ready to resume their royal duties with their DIVORCE BEHEADED LIVE concert tour at the Lyric Theatre.

Both shows are being performed literally on the same street of London's Shaftsbury Avenue…… both Neighboring shows.

FOR LES MIZ: Due to the world still being extremely safe and precautious, the show will temporary be performed as the critically acclaimed STAGED CONCERT production from last year till February 28th, 2021. With a full cast and orchestra of 50, the cast will feature majority of its principals from last year including….

Alfie Boe and John Owen-Jones alternating the role of "Jean Vailjean",

Michael Ball as "Inspector Javert",

Matt Lucas as "Thernadier",

Carrie Hope Fletcher as "Fantine",

Rob Houchen as "Marius",

SHAN AKO as "Eponine",

and more.

Following the staged concert, LES MIZ will take a brief hiatus & then return to the Sondheim as its usual stage production somewhere in May 2021. As of January 2020 (before COVID hit), the musical went through a huge change going from its longtime original revolving stage to now being performed as Cameron Mackintosh's NEW production (as created 10 years ago for the show's 25th Anniversary which has been the main production currently performed around the world including our Broadway backyard back in 2014).

Meanwhile for SIX, the EX-WIVES will temporary perform in the Lyric Theatre through April 18th, 2021. Following its run there, they will officially go back to their longtime London home at the Arts Theatre beginning April 20th, 2021. The cast is still expecting to be the same as it was before COVID hit consisting of….

Jarneia Richard – Noel as "Catherine of Aragon",

Courtney Bowman as "Anne Boleyn,

Natalie May Paris as "Jane Seymour",

Alexia McIntosh as "Anna of Cleves",

Sophie Issacs as "Katherine Howard",


Danielle Steers as "Catherine of Paar",

However since we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, both at LES MIZ and SIX will be going through a serious set of ongoing safety precautions. Everyone who works in the Theater and their fellow Theatergoers be going through constant temperature checks & COVID testing. Every Theater will be stalling more Hand Sanitizers everywhere. Most important, everyone will STILL be required to social distant and audience members will have to wear their face masks for the entire show. Both Theaters will have a limited 50% capacity of people allowed inside. Both shows itself will also be social distanced with updated staging. In addition before and after every performance, all the Theaters will undergo extended constant deep-cleanings.

We are so happy that the magic of Live Theater is still there!!! We know as soon as the downbeat music begins, the lights dim, and the curtain rises, both shows will have non-stop rock concert style screams & applause erupting into thunderous standing ovations.

Break a leg to the casts, crew, musicians, and creative teams of both LES MISERABLES & SIX.

We are ready to HEAR THE PEOPLE SING & of course GET DOWN!!



How exciting is this to see London's West End back?!!!!

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